What is the plastic mold processing process?

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What is the plastic mold processing process? The plastic mold industry is developing rapidly, and the use of products is becoming more and more common. Many people don't understand the processing process of plastic molds, so today Kosmei will introduce you briefly:

Plastic mold processing

Plastic mold

1. Cutting material: front mold material, back mold material, insert material, row material, inclined top material;

2. Open frame: front mold frame and rear mold frame;

3. Open rough: the front mold cavity is thick, the rear mold cavity is thick, and the parting line is thick;

4. Tonggong: the front mold copper public, the rear mold copper public, the split mold line Qing angle copper public;

5. Wire cutting: insert parting line, copper male, inclined top pillow position;

6. Computer 鑼: fine 鑼 mold line, fine 鑼 mold core;

7. EDM: front mold rough, copper male, male mold line clear angle, rear mold bone position, pillow position;

8. Drilling, pinhole, thimble;

9. Row position, row position pressure pole;

10. Inclined top The thimble and the thimble.

The plastic mold processing process is probably this. Do you have a better understanding of this? For more information about plastic mold processing, please pay attention to the official website of Keshimei, and welcome to inquire.

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